mr-sobomateInitiative for Human Capacity Buildings and Infrastructural Development (I.H.C.B.I.D)
We are Non Governmentmental Organization (N.G.O) that is concerned with Human and Infrastructural development in the rural communities in Nigeria most communities in Nigeria have been abandoned in terms of infrastructure and the Government attention is not there to develop these areas, and it is difficult for investors to grow their investment in those communities that lacks social infrastructure like, Access road, Health care center, Electricity supply, Portable water supply, etc. and these have made the rural dwellers to migrate from one community to the cities, and this Act has led to over population in the Urban, pollution and increased crime rate in the society, coupled with the high rate of unemployment.
In order to address these, we are intervening by advocating for infrastructural development in the rural areas in order to make it attractive for investors to grow their investment there, and to build the capacity of the rural dwellers through our skills acquisition and empowerment programmes, in order to make them fit and employable, as well as raising entrepreneurs.
At the end of each year we are targeting at alleviating poverty by empowering 4,000 people from the communities starting from the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria.

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